Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back, CSA members! I hope everyone is doing well and ready to eat some greens! We’ve been quite busy these last couple months; resting and recuperating from last year, making plans for this year, and cleaning, organizing and building various areas and projects on the farm.

The cyclical nature of farming is such that every year we get a natural break to evaluate, reassess and try something new. This year is no exception! Every corner of the farm is in shipshape condition and ready to work hard. Some 3rd-year farm crew have been promoted to expanded management roles. We built a fourth greenhouse! Our packshed has been upgraded to be in alignment with the efficiencies of the new walk-in cooler.

These days we are busy getting the fields ready, which means lots of tractor work; discing in cover crops, spreading lime and amendments, tilling to prep fine seed beds. We already have a number of new beds planted! The field crew meanwhile is busy in the greenhouse, seeding and potting up all of our crops. It is amazing how much of our success depends on 38,800 square feet of space.

We recently welcomed some new farm crew and are already up to 15 people running around the farm. Just weeks ago it was a sleepy group of four. Things change fast in the spring!

I want to thank all of you for supporting Red Dog Farm this season. Your CSA membership feels like a vote of confidence in chaotic times. We have a great season of produce planned for you this year. I very much hope you enjoy each season and savor the experience of tasting your way through local farm eating.