The Rain Has Arrived!

The Rain Has Arrived!

Working on the farm is a lovely experience. There’s something very satisfying about working outdoors, in all weather conditions. I feel that it creates a deeper connection with the natural world, to really experience each and every season. With that in mind, I am pleased to announce the rain has arrived! I’m sure if you’re reading this, you are well of aware of the wet weather the region has started to experience once again.

I, for one, welcome the precipitation. Sure, it’s not always easy working in the rain. A hot cup of coffee during break is a game changer in terms of morale. Wearing proper gear makes a world of difference as well. When the rain first hit, I hadn’t prepared properly. The days seemed so long, as my days were spent feeling cold and wet. I finally decided to invest in better gear. It was well worth it!

Very recently I spent some time digging up carrots in fields that have quickly changed from dry and dusty to swamp-like bogs. Just some weeks ago, those carrots came out of the ground clean and dry. Now, they come out caked with mud. Everything is muddy. Everything is wet. Everything is heavier! It’s the time of year that we are bulk-harvesting root crops for storage.

When I’m not out in the fields, mucking around in the mud, I’ve had the pleasure of operating the barrel washer. It’s so fun! If you’re not exactly sure what a barrel washer is, allow me to elaborate. It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a big barrel. It washes stuff. Root vegetables, to be exact! It allows us to wash a large amount of extra-muddy roots with great speed and efficiency. It’s very satisfying to dump a crate of mud-covered carrots in, and turn on the machine. With some high-pressured water blasting and some good ol’-fashioned barrel rotation, those same carrots come out the other side looking clean and beautiful!

This week, when you open your CSA share and see the carrots and parsnips, perhaps take a moment to think about the journey they’ve taken. From being seeded in the field, growing, being harvested, being washed, then packed and delivered. Many hands have played a part in every step. Perhaps that’s my favorite part of working on the farm–working together, with amazing people, to accomplish great results! Perhaps getting a little wet and muddy from time to time as well.