The Many Names at Red Dog Farm

The Many Names at Red Dog Farm

What’s in a name? We all know and love “Red Dog Farm,” lovingly named after farm owner Karyn’s old farm dog, Rupert. But you might be surprised to know all the other places, things, and humans we give names to in order to run the farm smoothly.

For example, with over 20 acres of fields, we give each field a name in order to know where crops will be planted, where to go for harvest, where to set up irrigation, and on and on. Most of our fields are named after old country musicians: Townes, Loretta, and Patsy, to name a few.

Since we use radios to communicate on the farm, everyone has a radio handle. Something you’d hear every day on the farm goes something like this: “Big Mac to Lil’ Shrimp” or “Grilled Cheese to Aioli.” Every year, new crew members choose their radio handles according to a theme. Past themes have been sandwiches, condiments, mythical creatures, and this year’s: the Periodic Table of Elements.

Our greenhouses are just numbered 1 through 4. I think they’ll stay that way. They have enough going on with plant start season upon us – simple might be best.

And the fleet of farm trucks! Romeo, Buster, Ranger, Romeo, Denise. Our beloved wheels that get us around the farm with all our beautiful produce. We are in the process of choosing a name for our new box truck, who helps us deliver CSA shares and get produce to the farmers market. Stay tuned!

We keep our harvest supplies in the totes, better known as “Babies.” I like to call our roll carts “Donkeys.” We aren’t in short supply on light-hearted ways to get the job done. We’re farming, after all!

We appreciate each other here at the farm for making it a wonderful place to work. We appreciate the earth for nourishing us. And we appreciate all of our customers and loyal supporters for making this all worthwhile! What a great community to be a part of. Happy Spring!