The Beauty of Springtime

The Beauty of Springtime

Another winter has gone by and here we are at the beginning of a brand new season. The world sure looks a lot different than it did before, but the farm and its cycles have a certainty that can be relied on. The sun always rises, the birds undoubtedly begin their morning chorus, the rain and clouds come, sometimes hail and snow too, but then it passes. Everything alive knows spring and behaves accordingly. The soil warms, grass greens up, crops sprout, animals give birth, bulbs bloom. As farmers we also know what to do- order seeds, hire farmworkers, plant and nurture the crops, harvest the bounty. Thankfulness for the most tender leaf of lettuce in spring matches enthusiasm for sweet, starchy squash in fall. Everything has its time and is perfectly as it should be.

And then there is the world outside of the farm. And boy is it a scary place these days. I sure hope that all of you are staying healthy and keeping your spirits up. I am so honored that you chose to be a part of our CSA this year and hope that you feel some resiliency and assuredness in this. Never before have we had the demand for our CSA that we experienced this season. We capped April shares for the first time ever, so that we could be sure to have enough produce for all of you. It is wonderful to live in a community who looks to their local farmers in times of duress. And for those of you who have been members forever, and who already knew this, we love you for being ahead of the curve.

We are taking our roles as essential workers very seriously and consider it a privilege to be able to continue to work and to grow food for you. We are doing our utmost to keep ourselves healthy, keeping the produce safe and adapting systems as we go along. If you have any questions about our current sanitary practices, or any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

A simple reminder that part of spring is a lack of abundance; spring shares are priced accordingly. Part of what makes the farm work is our spring tulip crop, hence tulips are part of the CSA. Every year, members ask for less tulips and more produce. Please know that we are putting as much produce as we can in your weekly share, and there will also be tulips. Thank you for graciously supporting the farm, even in the spring, and enjoying the beauty the tulips bring into your home.