Thanks, Veggies!

Thanks, Veggies!

Certain vegetables just have something special. Maybe I’m partial, but fall harvests have me giddy with all the ways they give freely to us. It’s easy to forget just how much time and effort we as farmers have put into a crop by the time it’s harvested and ready to eat!

Take our winter squash, for example. It took a giant crew, huge fields and lots of planning to get those babies in the ground months ago. And maybe an even bigger push to get them all clipped off the plants and out of the fields for safe storage. Now we’ll have squash for months to come! Those plants amaze me with how much they produce and how incredibly nourishing they are. Is there anything more soothing on cold rainy days than squash soup? Thanks, squash!

Another favorite coming out of the fields right now is the black radish. Spicy and delicious, so pungent you can’t even deny how healing they can be as soon as you taste it. Of all the radishes, these are the superstar for stimulating digestion and supporting our livers. Thanks, black radish!

Garlic is finally done curing and ready for our enjoyment! So much flavor, used traditionally to support health for centuries. A hot tip: if you crush raw garlic and let it sit out for 10 minutes before applying heat during cooking, you give time for enzymes to do their magic and thereby lose less of the health-supportive properties during cooking! My motto: if a recipe calls for 2 cloves of garlic, just use the whole head. 🙂

The seasons are changing, the crew is slowly shrinking, a lot of crops are at the end of their season. But the fields just keep on giving! We are so thankful!