Summer Veggies are On Their Way

Summer Veggies are On Their Way

Summertime on the Peninsula is definitely one of the biggest perks of farming in this area. The long sunny days, cooled by ocean breezes and wayward irrigation sprinklers, keep us pretty comfortable around here. Not to say it never gets hot, but certainly not as hot as my home state of Texas. When blistering days do arrive they are usually met with open arms. The chatter in the fields is dominated by the daunting decision of which swimming hole to meet at after work: Irondale Beach? Gibbs Lake? Can’t go wrong. Nothing like an upcoming beach hangout session to push harvest along.

The arrival of summer usually means a busy social calendar for most: backyard BBQs, softball games, amusement parks, summer camps, and so on. As we all know, this year has different plans. Instead of dwelling on all the stuff not happening, I thought I would share some things on the farm that are definitely happening.

We picked our first strawberries this past week! They are ruby red, ripe and absolutely delicious. I always include the disclaimer that you can eat as many berries as you want, but be careful. They are sooo good, but you can definitely overdo it.

Our zucchini plants have flowers and baby fruit. I’m so looking forward to the first harvest in about a week or less. My plan is to slice ’em thin, toss ’em in oil, salt and pepper, and throw ’em on the grill.

Speaking of grillables, the Walla Walla onions are bulbing up super nice and should be making their debut in July. The garlic we harvested weeks ago has been hanging in our barn drying so that it can keep on your counter as long as you want. This week we will pull it down and send it out the door.

The crew is also doing really great. Everyone is settling into their roles, getting really fast at picking, learning a lot and having fun.