Summer, Tomatoes, and an Easy Balsamic Reduction

Summer, Tomatoes, and an Easy Balsamic Reduction

Normally here, I’d like to write about goings on out in the field, and include some amusing anecdote followed by a recipe. Unfortunately, I’ve been out of the field for a time, nursing a torn tendon in my ankle. Chances are, however, that the tender and juicy green beans you are receiving this week were bagged by yours truly.

The crew wanders in and out of the packing shed throughout the day as I bag various veggies, and I get to know these folks. Among them are some truly hilarious storytellers, gifted athletes, sailors, plant nerds, and at least one former roller derby girl. It’s a little-known fact that produce that’s been tended and harvested by a local crew of colorful characters is always tastier.

The tomatoes this week are good enough to eat out of the hand like an apple. My favorite way to eat them is sliced thickly with a balsamic reduction drizzled over them, preferably while sitting in the sun. A balsamic reduction sounds complicated, but it’s just balsamic vinegar that’s been simmered on low on the stovetop til it becomes thick and syrupy. Its sweetness and tanginess pair beautifully with the smooth, complex flavor of fresh tomatoes without overpowering them.

Have a joyful and healthy week, everyone!

~Hilary (aka Peanut Butter)