Stovetop Pork & Chard Casserole

Stovetop Pork & Chard Casserole

Serves 2-3.

1/3 lb. elbow maccaroni
1 bunch Red Dog rainbow chard
1 lb. ground pork from a local farm
Salt to taste
12 ounces (1/2 jar) of your favorite pasta sauce (or more, to taste)

Cook the pasta according to package instructions.

Separate the chard leaves from the stems. Roughly chop the stems and the leaves, separately.

Put the ground pork in a deep frying pan or saucepan with the chard stems and a couple shakes of the salt shaker. Sautee, mixing frequently, until the pork turns from pink to brown.

Add the chard leaves, pasta, and pasta sauce. Mix everything and heat a few minutes until the chard leaves wilt. Enjoy!