Return of the Trumpeter Swans

Return of the Trumpeter Swans

Here at the farm, some of us would consider ourselves birdwatchers­. (Maggie, the farm dog is more into chasing them down as they rest and feed in open fields, however.) This time of year, many of us are excited about the return of trumpeter swans. To classify this swan, look for an entirely white body with a black bill and black legs. These swans are the largest swans in the world and one of the heaviest flying birds. They can measure up to 62 inches in length, have a wingspan up to 79.9 inches, and often weight more than 25 pounds. So as November quickly approaches, be on the lookout for these swans.

Cool Facts:

  • Male and female trumpeter swans are identical in appearance, although males are typically larger.
  • They lay 3-8 eggs once a year in April/early May. Incubation period is about 34 days.
  • They feed on aquatic vegetation–and grains and vegetables left in fields.
  • They can live 20 or more years.

You can find more information about trumpeter swans at these websites: