Renewal in Springtime

Renewal in Springtime

Welcome to 2022 CSA! I am so happy that it’s finally April and we can once again start harvesting and packing our beautiful produce and tulips for you!

It’s been a busy winter, as usual, with projects and preparing for the new season. We have a lot of familiar faces in new roles this year. In fact, I think only one person is doing the exact same job as last year! So there have been a lot of conversations and training all winter.

The farm crew has been busy cleaning and tidying and getting the farm ready for another big season. Our maintenance team has been upgrading our greenhouses to wonderful effect. In our start house we now have 40% more heat table space and a more energy efficient method of heating our heated water tables. In our growing-on greenhouse, re-used rolling benches have been added (pulled out of a nursery slated for demolition). All in all, our production areas are looking sharp and ready to pump out some healthy starts for our farm and local gardens.

Our tulips thankfully are looking very happy! Such a blessing after a crop failure last season. We just wrapped up our greenhouse season and are moving into our field crop. There are many, many spectacular varieties coming soon!

We had a wonderful opening market day last Saturday. It was so heart-warming so see such a vibrant community back in force, the likes of which I have not seen in over two years.

There’s just nothing like spring- the rising energy, the quickening pace, the animals and plants waking up and ready to do their thing after a long hibernation. I am also eager to get this farm season off to a good start! Spring farming is much about waiting for the fields to dry out enough to start prepping for planting. Some springs are all go-go-go while others, like this one, are mostly a lot of waiting and hoping. Luckily we have a lot of fall-planted crops to keep us covered and greenhouses to give crops a head start.

Thank you for your support of Red Dog Farm during our 15th season! It’s going to be a good one!