Paige’s Poetry

Paige’s Poetry

Happy CSA week #2, all!

I truly hope you all had some tasty meals from last week’s share. After all, a bouquet of kale raab is an edible arrangement – and it can even bloom into happy yellow edible flowers.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working away at harvesting over-wintered veggies, getting the fields ready for seeding/transplanting, and growing tiny plants we hope will fill your gardens and one day feed the community. We’ve had rain and we’ve had shine and everything in-between, but what is even more fun is all the encompassing sounds that surround us as we work.

Paige’s Poetry

As I stand warmly in the green house
I am protected by a thin layer of plastic
From the cold and the rain
I feel warm
I feel surround
As rain droplets hit the green house walls
I feel embraced

April has arrived
So have the critters
I can’t help but hear all the chatter
Hummingbirds zooming past
Bees buzzing – hard at work
Frogs that ribbit and some that chirp
Spring has sprung

That’s all for this week, folks! I hope you enjoy the beautiful sunshine and sounds near you.

Till next time,