Outdoor Adventures with Veggies

Outdoor Adventures with Veggies

In my time at Red Dog Farm I have done a lot of exploring in Olympic National Park and National Forest. While I am out on my adventures I almost always bring fresh veggies from the farm with me. As the seasons have changed from spring to summer and now starting to turn to fall, I have been eating different vegetables in different beautiful places.  Before I start a hike or climb I make sure to pack my bag properly with water, an extra layer, headlamp (just in case), snacks, and of course a few Red Dog vegetables.

I have spent a lot of time rock climbing along the Elwha River in my three months at the farm and have had the joy of eating all sorts of different farm vegetables there. Carrots, radishes, turnips, cucumbers, kale, celery, corn and I’m sure some others I am forgetting. The Elwha River has been a staple for me, it has been interesting to watch the water level drop over time revealing new rocks and coves. Similarly, as time has gone on at the farm, vegetables have come and gone while others are about to be harvested – like cauliflower this week!

Some of my favorite adventure-and-vegetable combos have been: Eating cucumbers on top of Mount Stone while overlooking the other peaks. Snacking on carrots while admiring Royal Lake and Royal Basin. Shucking corn along the Elwha River. Rappelling through Rock Creek while eating radishes. Crunching kale on the High Divide. Enjoying a wonderful day and delicious tomatoes with the rest of the farm crew at Lake Cushman.

My time here has been full of adventure and I am sure it will continue. There are many more adventures to be had here on the Olympics and new produce to snack on while in these wild and beautiful places. Maybe soon I will eat heirloom tomatoes in Hoh Rainforest, radicchio while rock climbing, or broccoli while backpacking. The combinations of vegetables and adventures are endless.

Hope to see you on a trail soon,