CSA Newsletter 4/3 – Welcome to a New Season

CSA Newsletter 4/3 – Welcome to a New Season

Welcome to a new CSA season here at Red Dog Farm! For those who are long-time members- we’re so happy you’re continuing on! And for those new to our CSA, welcome! We hope everyone will be happy to join in on some delicious seasonal, farm eating!

The season feels off to a strong start with these gorgeous sunny days and blue skies. Our fields are drying out fast and we are chasing the dry ground with plow and tiller to get our fields ready for crops. After the brutal late winter, we are ready for this sunny break! You may notice over the next several weeks that many crops will be making a late appearance. Even though this glorious weather will eventually catch us up, we are still a little behind. Don’t worry- salad mix, spinach, hakurei turnips and baby carrots will be here before we know it! In the meantime, tulips, over-wintered kales and raabs, and over-wintered roots will be taking center stage in your shares.

This first week of April truly feels like opening season for so many farm activities. In addition to being the first week of CSA, it is also the opening day for our first Saturday Port Townsend Farmers Market of 2019. This Saturday, Kat and Lane will be representing Red Dog Farm, selling our plant starts, tulips and produce. The market day kicks off with an adorable goat parade, followed by local music, as well as the festival-worthy array of local vendors of all types. If you’re in need of some community cheer after a long winter, you should definitely stop on by!

As a current CSA member, you get 10% off all farmer’s market and Farmstand purchases. Be sure to inform market staff if you are an active member (current month) and they’ll be happy to extend the discount. A great way to fill your home with even more tulips, or your garden with plants!

We have some change-over in our office staff this spring as Rachel replaces Siobhan as our office manager. Please reach out to Rachel for any questions, suggestions or help you may need with your CSA.

Welcome to our new season, I am so excited you have chosen to join us in this adventure!


Tulips mean springtime

You know it’s springtime when you see the rainbow colors of tulips in your CSA box. But how do you make these lovely flowers last? Tulips can remain perky and beautiful in a vase for a week, if you follow a few easy tips.

  • Just before you put your tulips into a vase, trim their stems about 1/4″ under running water, then put the stems directly into the vase-water.
  • Make sure the vase-water is lukewarm, not hot or cold.
  • Add a teaspoon of sugar to the vase-water to help feed the flower.
  • If your tulip heads start to droop, re-trim their stems.