Newsletter 4/11/18 – Meet the Red Dog Farm crew

Newsletter 4/11/18 – Meet the Red Dog Farm crew

While every season has its triumphs and challenges, over the years I have found that the best predictor of how successful a season goes is how well the crew works together. This year, I am thrilled to be working with such quality, fun and skilled individuals. Many of these folks have been around for a couple years, but everyone is in a new role to them this season.

Lane, farm manager, is the leader of the pack. He is such a talented people person, has the drive to get tasks done quickly and efficiently, and has a lot of fun while doing it! This is Lane’s third year on the farm and he has made himself indispensable in such a short amount of time. Harvest is Lane’s passion, but he also tags in on tractor work in addition to leading the crew on a myriad of field tasks.

Amy, assistant farm manager, is the chief support person, be it for Lane on crew tasks or me in the greenhouse. Amy also manages the pack shed and keeps our quality standards high as we send produce out into the world. This is Amy’s second year on the farm and it is hard to imagine how this place could function without her.

John, tractor and maintenance lead, is our go-to tractor driver and fix-it guy. While John previously had a lot of experience with fabrication and construction, he is somewhat new to tractor driving and mechanics. He is learning the ropes quickly, and just in time for serious “tractoring” season. John’s methodical and calm nature serve him well when facing up against our old, stubborn equipment.

Michelle, office manager, is our point person for all communications, book keeping, and office management. She keeps everything in the office running smoothly and helps keep the rest of us out of the office so we can spend more of our time in the field. This is Michelle’s second year on the farm.

Britta, farm stand and plant starts lead, keeps these two parts of our operation running smoothly and efficiently. She worked at the farm in 2016, took a season off, and now is back with us again. Britta’s attention to detail and commitment to making things look nice serve her well in her roles.

Courtney, farmer’s market lead, runs our two weekly farmers market booths, which is no small feat! Often 12 hour days, market days start early and go late, with a myriad of tasks in between. Courtney is brand new to the farm this season.

Blake, field crew, started a couple days ago, and is quickly learning the ropes of greenhouse work and harvest. Other field crew members Michelle K., Corey, Lizz, Julia, Lee and Sean will be joining us over the next couple months. I look forward to getting to know these folks as the season evolves.

I do a couple things as well, mostly just try to keep up with all of these talented and lovely people. I feel very lucky to have such reliable and enjoyable co-workers. This season smells of success!