Looking Forward to the Fun of Farming

Looking Forward to the Fun of Farming

The long winter lull is quickly forgotten with the arrival of spring. A small crew of hardy harvesters that kept the wheels of Red Dog Farm turning over the dark months has now blossomed into group of folks that can handle just about anything. We’re doing just about everything farmers do at the moment. Tractors are hastily turning in cover crop to make way for spring vegetables, and the crew is busy seeding in the greenhouse, planting out in the fields, and packing orders.

This spring in particular I have spent a lot of time on the tractor preparing new ground. This process usually starts with working in whatever used to be there into the soil. Maybe it’s a crop that overwintered or maybe it’s a cover crop (a type of grass or legume that benefits the soil). It’s so fun to do this every year, because every year is so different.

As I drive through each bed my mind jumps to different years and the plants and people that inhabited them. In one bed I remember my first time harvesting red mustard, what it tasted like and the person who showed me how to do it, and I wonder how they’re doing. In another I’m reminded of walking through dew-soaked leaves that hide perfect cauliflower, counting each head, hoping there is enough to send to all our CSA members.

Reminiscing is fun, but I also like to spend my time thinking about all the joy to come. So far we have assembled a great crew and have started filling the fields with soon-to-be-tasty table treats. I can already tell it’s going to be a great year. I’m sure many word games will be had while picking green beans, and irrigation hoses will be sprayed away from crops and toward people on “accident,” all for a great cause: FUN. Because after all, farming is fun, and if we’re not having fun, were doing something wrong.