Finding Solace and Certainty in Summer Mileposts

Finding Solace and Certainty in Summer Mileposts

The farm season is marked by certain annual events- some fun, some challenging, all ephemeral. Some of my most favorite revolve around wildlife- the return of the barn swallows and the first sighting of a toad in the greenhouse. There is the excitement of first crops- first strawberries, raspberries and cucumbers give way to first corn, potatoes and winter squash. There is of course the first frost, an event usually happily seen as a decrease in work since so many warm weather crops turn to toast. Late in the winter, there is the first firing up of the tractors after the sleepy rainy season. There is the new crew members showing up in a parade throughout the spring and summer. There is the excitement and relief as returning crew members inform me of their next year decision in the fall.

The latest such annual event was the annual cottonwood snow day we had almost two weeks ago. Every year in late May, there is one hot windy day when the local cottonwood trees know this is their best chance at pollination far and wide, and so release their pollen-laden fluff. This day is truly magical as their fluff clouds the sky in all directions, catching the light and adding an unusual depth to the air around us. I truly get excited to see this landmark of spring sliding into summer.

My next landmark of anticipation are those first strawberries! I have been watching their flowers turn to hard green fruits and wait in anticipation as they plump up and eventually turn red (a little sun would help!).

I hope that whatever the landmarks and guideposts of your world, they are seeing you through these times; offering solace, excitement, certainty and some magic in your world.