Farm Clothes

Farm Clothes

There’s a painting called American Gothic by Grant Wood that depicts a man and woman in practical clothing on a farm. It has been inspirational as a slice of life, a piece of art that makes life look pretty predictable in the setting of a farm. Now, I am not sure where the artist was from, but out on the Olympic Peninsula, the weather demands a lot of the clothes that the Red Dog crew wears. Let’s talk about it.

In the spring, the crew can go in and out of the greenhouses, along with facing the outdoor changing weather patterns. That means, for example, that if the sky is cloudy or drizzly when we clock in, and then later in the day sunny, we have to account for upwards of a 30 degree temperature variance and do our best to stay dry, avoid heat stress, etc. Sometimes on days like this, time working or harvesting in the greenhouse can be very mellow, with the gentle sound of raindrops falling on the semi-transparent roofing material overhead. Other times, usually in the afternoon, all the oxygen from the plants and the 70 degree + temperatures in the greenhouse can leave one feeling like they have far too many clothes on, and are sweaty as heck. This all goes to say that staying comfortable on the farm can be an adventure, even within the course of a single day!

As the size of the crew expands with the increase in chores to be done during the growing season, there are new and returning people at the farm. Many have worked in similar conditions in the outdoors, and so if one chooses to pay attention, there is a bit of fun to be had in comparing gear. 

While as of yet nobody has accomplished the poetic simplicity of the attire in the painting by Mr. Wood, we farmers are out here having a good time.