Fall is Fun

Fall is Fun

With summer coming to an end and fall setting in, I can’t help but think of all the things I love about fall. There is something quite magnificent about the way the sun glows – warm and low, how the cool breeze allows me to bundle up in a sweater without being too hot or too cold, and how the change in season creates a perfect balance for work and play. Every year when I see geese flying in formation and hear them call out from above, I feel some familiar peace about the changing of season.

Food is warm, wholesome, and filling. I’ve already dived into a lot of the yummy squash – delicata, butternut, pumpkin and, tonight, red kuri! You can add squash to risotto, to soups and stews, and even to your dessert. I love a spicy pumpkin pie and a delicata cookie. I’ll post a quick and simple recipe down below. Not to mention warm drinks, which are that much better in fall! Coffee, chai, maté, herbal teas, hot coco, hot apple cider, the list goes on.

Hello fall and good-bye summer.


Delicata Cookies
•    Cut delicata squash into rounds by simply starting at one side of the squash and cutting horizontally
(skin and seeds can be left intact).
•    Melt butter and drizzle over rounds.
•    Sprinkle some brown sugar over rounds.
•    Bake rounds at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes.
•    For those with an extra sweet tooth, drizzle maple syrup over rounds after baking.