Fall Abundance

Fall Abundance

Fall is certainly in the air with the brisk morning and cool wind. Today’s rain made it feel official- fall is just around the corner. Farmers love fall as it means we are one step closer to winter, which means we get to rest! Not yet though, still lots more work to do before the resting time.

Fall is also when we get to see the fruits of our labor. Literally. We just pulled in our first storage crop last week in the form of pallets and pallets of onions. Good thing we built a second greenhouse last spring because we needed it to cure all these beauties.

Next up is potatoes. Luckily we have a tractor-operated digger to unearth the spuds. The farm crew follows along behind to crate them up on pallets and whisk them away for winter storage.

Little by little, our daily harvests for CSA and orders turn heavier as well. Roots, celery, squash will soon replace beans, peppers, and cucumbers.

There is a beauty in every season; the excitement of spring, the sweetness of summer, the abundance of fall, and of course the rest of winter. Right now we are gearing up to bring in the abundance. It’s a good time to be a farmer!