CSA Newsletter 6/12 – The Differences Between Fishing and Farming

CSA Newsletter 6/12 – The Differences Between Fishing and Farming

I’m a relative newcomer to the farming industry, beginning just this year. Although I tell people all the time now that I’m a tulip farmer, it’s a lie — I’m the maintenance specialist. Previously I was a commercial fisherman in Alaska. Which is a lot like being a maintenance specialist because I spent most of my time fixing and making things between marathon sessions of fishing.

Unlike commercial fishing, on the farm I never get seasick, I sleep at home at night, and generally the farm smells much fresher, often good. And I’m learning things about vegetables. For example, I learned that there is more than one type of radish, and unlike the Alaskan grocery store ones, these all taste good. Although lettuce is fresh and abundant around here, I’m not in the habit of eating it. It’s the weakling of greens in my eye. So I’ll tell you a recipe I like with kale. I know there isn’t any kale in your CSA this week, but you can use the kale from last week if you still have it. Kale holds up well in storage — not like lettuce.

Clams with Kale

Bring 1/8” water in a pan to a boil.

Add as many manila/littleneck clams or mussels as you can eat & cover.

Chop the kale & throw it in a few minutes later.

When the shellfish come out of their shell easily, they are done.

If you feel like getting fancy, add some purple green onions or garlic scapes from this week’s CSA share.

I usually deliver the shares to the CSA drop points, so I’m excited to find out what a garlic scape is.