CSA Means Springtime

CSA Means Springtime

Welcome to 2023 CSA! CSA has become synonymous with spring, and it is such a pleasure to distribute our stored winter roots, burgeoning greens, and tulips! You’re getting just a taste of tulips this week, with more to come.

We have been so thankful for some sunny, dry weather these past weeks, but overall the temps have been unseasonably cold (a snow blizzard yesterday morning!?). Tulips and most crops are running behind schedule, but will be caught up in no time.

This time of year is what I call “scrounge harvest”. I tell our harvest manager, Henry, that if he sees anything we could possibly harvest and sell, let me know! We harvest crops that take longer than any other time of year, we drop size standards, and will consider even the most meager quantities. This mentality is actually what our ancestors used to do in this leanest time of year. Their food stores were becoming depleted and often people would subsist on the first spring greens like nettles and wild onions. With any luck, they had some flour and eggs and could make a lovely quiche! We obviously live in a time of plenty and rarely are we limited by what the natural world in our location is offering. But I do think there’s value in remembering that for generations, people went hungry this time of year and ate a lot of greens. Biologically, we have adapted to that and perhaps this is an ideal time to consider eating more simply, or at least heartily eating your greens!

I’m feeling really excited about this season and our CSA program this year. We have a lot of great crops growing strong in our greenhouse and some plans to try to wow you yet again this year! Our staff members this year are top notch, truly some very talented farmers who are a pleasure and honor to work with. We just need a little weather cooperation and we should have some delightful produce to share with you all season long! Bear with us as we make our way through spring, abundance and excitement is coming soon!