April Brings Newness to the Farm

April Brings Newness to the Farm

April is such a joyful month, but don’t be fooled by the tomfoolery it plays on us. As someone who is excited and a little naive about growing flowers from seed at home, April has fooled me. Maybe this is the origin of April Fool’s Day! With lessons learned and some heartache over my lost little seedling, I will and must try again. So, if you’re like me, don’t give up on your garden just yet. There is still so much time to plant a summertime paradise.

As we welcome new crew members, I can’t help but reminisce on the day I started at Red Dog Farm and the changes the farm has gone through since. With any new season, there is so much to look forward to, but this year in particular, as Packshed Manager, there are many new and exciting events that have taken place in the world of washing and packaging our produce. Our new systems for moving produce from one place to another are already helping us. With our new walk-in cooler, we are able to move our produce more quickly and ergonomically with a few pumps of a pallet jack. We also have new CSA totes. What better way to get excited about opening your share of veggies than with a bright red tote! We are thrilled about packing your CSA shares into these new vessels. So fun!

Like you, I am looking forward to getting creative in the kitchen with fresh RDF vegetables. A goal of mine is to take home produce similar to the week’s CSA share every week and get busy in the kitchen.

Happy Spring and happy cooking!