An Ode to Raab

An Ode to Raab

Maybe you thought I would write about the bursting beauty of the tulips in April, or the explosion of little plants in the greenhouse that make me feel all giddy about another season of vegetables. Or perhaps you imagined I would write about the longer days, the sunnier skies, the drier fields, the hopefulness that is spring. Oh we just got pigs! Maybe you wanted to hear about the cutest little pigs we just got that are nesting into their new home in out fields. Or maybe you thought I would write about “farming in the time of a pandemic.”

But really, all I want to write about is Raab. Perhaps it’s because I just came in from harvesting many bunches of raab and the faint smell of brassicas linger on my fingers. But really, I just think raab is really cool. I put it on my eggs, dump a handful in my rice, put some in my sandwich, pour olive oil on it and put it on the grill, or munch on it raw (you could dip it in ranch dressing!).

It is the never-ending plant that keeps on giving. I like to think back to when we transplanted all those plants last year. And the fact that these plants have been feeding us for almost a year. They are resilient, tough little plants that keep on giving. And at the end of their life stage at the farm, they give to us their sweet flowering stalks. Thank you all you mighty kale plants! I hope you find as much enjoyment in raab as I have been finding these days.

Cheers! Happy Spring!