A Condiment of Choice

A Condiment of Choice

Because everyone on the farm has a radio, we also all have radio handles. Each year, new crew members choose their handles according to a theme. Last year, the theme was “mythical creatures,” and the year before was “the ocean.” This season is, wait for it . . . . . “condiments.”

When I first showed up at Red Dog Farm in March, the list of radio handles on the wall resembled a fantastic bestiary. Now, with the addition of this year’s new crew members on the list, it reads like the sort of cookbook you’d consult if you were trying to impress your guests with roast unicorn. “Minotaur” is next to “Mustard,” along with “Stingray” and “Chimichurri.” I laugh every time I see it.

So, in that vein, I’m gonna share my favorite trusty condiment recipe.

Carrot Top Pesto in 2 easy steps

3 parts carrot greens (and green garlic if you want it!)
1 part walnuts (or pine nuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, whatever you got)
1 part Parmesan cheese
Olive oil
Minced garlic, to taste
Sea salt, to taste
Any other herbs and spices you feel inspired to add (I like coriander and black pepper)

Step 1: Assemble dry ingredients and put a handful in a blender to start. It may help to chop them up ahead of time if you have an older blender (or an immersion blender like I use). Add olive oil till everything is wet, then start blending.

Step 2: Gradually add the rest little by little. Make sure to add more olive oil with each new addition. Remember, this isn’t an exact science, so taste it as you go and season as you feel necessary. You should end up with a smooth, oily paste packed with flavor. Refrigerate in an airtight container for later use. It also freezes beautifully.

A Note: This recipe leaves a lot of room for creativity. I find it tastes slightly different each time. It’s wonderful on everything, and can truly salvage a bummer of a meal if you need it to. Stay brave and kind, my friends!

~Hilary (aka Peanut Butter)