A Bit of Blue Skies

A Bit of Blue Skies

The rain has stopped for now, and the blue sky is back! In the morning, when the clouds clear, there is usually a stormy cloud horizon until the sun breaks through before lunch. This morning, the neighbor’s horses were contrasted on the dark horizon with beautiful lighting on the south part of the farm by Center Road. The farm’s property is separated from the neighbors’ by a fence. Trumpeter swans are migrating through Jefferson County right now, over that fence, heading south down the valley.

Last week, one of the farm’s fields called Patsy flooded. There were hundreds of birds there Tuesday, ranging from songbirds, seagulls, killdeer, a few robins, ravens and crows, and a couple hawks passed through to their nest in the trees farther southwest.

The farm’s new walk-in cooler is finally finished, and later today there will be a crew pallet-jack training. The loading dock was finished on the east side of the packshed, a project led by Andy. Now the field crew can stack crates onto pallets, avoiding mud, and packshed lead Paige can efficiently move and organize the produce.

Enjoy this week’s CSA share and stay warm until next time.