Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

WREATHS/ Made by Chimacum resident Sebastian Edgerton with an assortment of evergreen species. Priced $11- 18 (25% off original price!)

POTTERY/ Hand-made pottery crafted by Judy Williams (Karyn’s mom). Beautiful assortment of mugs, cups, bowls, honey pots and more. Many are imprinted with the Red Dog Farm logo! Priced $8- 20.

TRUCKER HATS/ Emblazoned with the Red Dog Farm logo. $15 each.

DOG BUCKS/ (aka Dog Bones) Everyone appreciates gifts of good health, and what could be healthier than local, organic produce? Available in $25 or $50 certificates.

GIFT CARDS/ Local Penney Hubbards’ greeting cards with farm and nature images are guaranteed to inspire and brighten up anyone’s day. $2 each.

GOAT CHEESE/ Who doesn’t like to receive a log of fresh chevre as a hostess gift? Price $7- 8 each.

MEAT/ Makes a surprisingly awesome gift. Bring a frozen chuck roast for a friend’s freezer. And don’t forget a meaty bone for their dog!

TAMALES/ Great gift for a busy family. Just pull these out of the freezer and you have dinner ready in minutes. $4.50 each.

VEGGIES/ A basket of winter squash, potatoes and carrots makes a lovely gift.

Last Market this Sat, Dec. 21st.

This is your last chance to come out to see Devon this season! Come to Uptown for our final market 10am- 1pm Saturday. We will have all our winter goodies including tons of winter squash, carrots, potatoes, stir-fry mix, and more!

Red Dog Farm Stand Open All Winter

8am- 8pm every single day of the year! Including holidays, snow storms and all but the worst floods! We still have tons of veggies available as well as other local products like meat, tamales and goat cheese. Here’s a list of the produce currently available:

Carrots, Potatoes, Winter Squash (6 kinds), Beets, Parsnips, Rutabagas, Celeriac, Watermelon Radishes, Turnips, Jerusalem Artichokes, Stir-fry Mix, Cabbage, Shallots, Horse Radish