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Our team is passionate about raising exceptional organic produce and food from the beautiful Center Valley of Chimacum, WA. Together, we grow over 150 different varieties of vegetables, berries, cut flowers and plant starts on 23 acres.

2018 Employment Opportunities:

To apply for a position, please fill out the application below and submit via mail or email. Only candidates who fully complete an application will be considered for hire. Accompanying resumes and letters of intention are also encouraged, but will not be considered without a completed application.

2018 Field Crew

2018 General Application


Karyn Williams- Owner/ Operator

Karyn’s farming career began in 1998 when she moved to Spain to WWOOF (international volunteer program) on organic farms. There she fell in love with the slower pace and exceptional food of the rural lifestyle. After two years abroad farming in Spain, Portugal, Morocco and England, Karyn returned to the U.S. to pursue a degree in agriculture. Karyn graduated from the Evergreen State College in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Agriculture.

Karyn has worked on vegetable farms, both cow and goat dairy farms, sheep farms, poultry operations, and a container plant nursery. After working on farms for seven years, in 2005, Karyn started her own farm business (Old Tarboo Farm) in Quilcene. After two years leasing land in Quilcene, she decided it was time to purchase her own piece of earth and began her search. In early 2007, Karyn found the piece of property which is now Red Dog Farm. Karyn started out leasing the land from Jefferson Land Trust in a creative lease to own ground lease agreement. In 2011, Karyn purchased the land.

Since her early farming days, Karyn has developed a true passion for production farming. She loves growing tons of vegetables to feed her community. Karyn’s life goals of health, community and sustainability keep her grounded in her farming path. When she’s not farming, Karyn enjoys spending time with her husband, doing yoga and puttering in the kitchen.

Contact Karyn: karyn@reddogfarm.net

Lane White – Farm Manager















Lane has worked at Red Dog Farm since 2016. Originally from Texas, previous to coming to Red Dog Farm, Lane worked on produce and dairy farms in Oregon and New York. Lane is passionate about have fun while leading the team to work efficiently. When he’s not farming, Lane enjoys playing frisbee golf and spending time outdoors.

Contact Lane:  manager@reddogfarm.net

Amy Mellor – Assistant Farm Manager













Amy came to Red Dog Farm in 2017. Originally from New York, previous to moving here, she lived and worked on organic produce farms in Arizona. Amy enjoys getting to know the crew each season and really enjoys the climate of the PNW. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, baking, fermenting, reading, hiking and biking.


John Sams – Tractor & Maintenance Lead

John started at the farm in 2017. Originally from Arizona, previous to coming to Red Dog Farm, John was in the United States Navy and then worked as a welder for an aluminum boat company. John’s attention to detail and methodical nature have proven very transferable to his role at the farm. When he is not working, John enjoys spending time with his wife, remodeling his house, reading and watching movies.


Michelle Bell – Office Manager













Michelle came to Red Dog Farm in 2017. Originally from Idaho, she spent many years working in the offices of the oil fields in North Dakota. Michelle’s warm and professional personality keep our office running smoothly. She is the one you will communicate with if you call or email the farm. When she’s not working, Michelle enjoys spending time with her husband, walking, and trying new recipes.

Contact Michelle: office@reddogfarm.net



Maganita ‘Maggie’ Rose was born in the Spring of 2012 and is the daughter of red dog, Rupert, and a neighbor border collie. She was named after a much-loved lettuce variety we grow here on the farm. As a puppy, she spent hours napping in the greenhouse as we seeded her namesake lettuce on tables above her. Maggie takes her farm jobs very seriously; she specializes in alerting us when anyone comes onto the farm, and has also taken over bird-herding and rodent patrol duties.



2005- 2017. Rupert ‘Ru’ Dandelion was the red dog and the farm’s namesake. Rupert was a red border collie, a natural variation in the breed. He had been with Karyn since he was a pup and was named for the abundant golden yellow dandelions in bloom at that time. Rupert spent 13 wonderful years of farm life. He especially loved hanging out with Karyn in the fields, greeting every visitor to the farm, and herding anything that moved. He is dearly missed, though his legacy lives on in the farm, his daughter Maggie, and several other loved farm dogs in the area.